A Complete Guide To Create Online Newspaper

Online newspapers are also known as web newspapers. Such nomenclature is quite obvious as online newspapers exist in the ‘WWW’ world or in the world of internet and readers have to access the newspaper URL to reach them and to read them. There are some benefits of online newspapers over traditional newspaper. The first and foremost benefit is that online newspapers or electronic newspapers save papers and that play a major role to save the green of the earth. Secondly, readers can read them for free, as generally online newspapers do not require any fees from the readers’ end for reading them. Hence, due to its salient benefits, online newspapers have become highly popular in these days. So if you are looking forward to start online newspaper of your own, then follow the tips and guides that will be shared in the latter part of the article.

To start online newspaper, you need to build a website first, following the global internet protocols so that the website can become visible to the readers. Now, newspaper website template is a bit different than orthodox web template that we commonly see. It should be interactive, simple and must provide wide spaces to the readers so that they can read without having any visualization problems. The simple way of creating such a template is opting for newspaper website software. Now the question is where we can find such software? Well, plenty of software vendors are there who endorse such software or tools which aid easy website development, that too within a few hours.

At this point of this article, a couple of questions may come to the minds of the readers. The first one is – what are the different between online newspaper software and general website developing software? And, the second question is – do you need to create a newspaper website daily as the website will be updated on daily basis since it is a newspaper website? The answers of both these questions are quite related to each other. Newspaper websites are generally called dynamic websites as they are updated regularly. The concept of dynamic website is completely different from static website and thus for creating such a dynamic website and to update that website on daily basis, newspaper publishing software is required.

Newspaper websites are developed with the CMS or content management system based technology. With the help of CMS based platform or tool, one can easily update, edit and create new web pages, which would take not more than a few minutes. Moreover, CMS based websites can be operated by anyone, once the basic framework is ready. For editing or updating contents, deleting items, and for doing other stuffs, one simply does not require high end insight over the web based languages or markup languages. That means, no HTML, no XML, no CSS and no PHP are required, only basic knowledge of computer and internet would serve the purposes. If you can find reliable and good newspaper publishing software, then creating your own online newspaper would become a piece of cake for you!

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