Newspaper CMS Software A Content Management System or Software (CMS) is a computer framework that lets non-technical users to publish online using a dynamic platform without knowing any coding/technical know-how. The CMS is designed to allow automated cascade processes which allows for instant editing or publishing using very easy-to-use customized user interface. There are a lot of open-source publishing softwares available in the market like Word press, Joomla, Drupal, etc. Below are some benefits of proprietary newspaper CMS over open-source publishing CMS:

1. Dedicated Support: Proprietary newspaper CMS is developed by a vendor specializing in online newspaper publishing which allows them to provide dedicated support to ensure the smooth functioning of your news site. Although communities do provide you with the open-source code but you need to be an expert to put all things together and for support mostly refer to the discussion forums and blogs. It is highly recommended to opt for a customized newspaper CMS to publish your news site as support is very important as you will come across many minor issues/bugs which can be easily fixed with the help of live dedicated support.

2. User Friendly Interface: The control panel or user interface plays a very important role in the functioning of an online daily and it has to be clean, flexible and very easy to navigate and operate. Proprietary newspaper CMS has an edge over open-source newspaper software's as it's not unnecessarily complicated and simply focuses on the newspaper publishing tools with a scope for customization wherever required.

3. Security Risks: Open-source codes are more likely to be compromised as anyone can simply download and tamper them to use for their own advantage as a result leaving your newspaper site vulnerable to hacking and other similar attempts. You should ensure that your newspaper host provides SSL for all your forms and payment links as sensitive data should always be transferred over the internet via encryption.

4. Accountability: With the proprietary newspaper CMS you can be assured of prompt customer support in case any feature is affected by any bugs or if something needs to be upgraded, on the other hand open-source CMS are normally very complicated and don't always focus on a single feature and fixing them can take a considerable time that too after wasting too much time in forums and blogs.

5. Documentation: Proprietary CMS vendors provide you with exact newspaper feature related online documentation which you can refer anytime whereas open source CMS communities throw everything that you don't necessarily need to know and sorting out for the correct answers can be a hectic task.

6. Revenue Generating Features: Proprietary software is tailored to meet market needs and trends, whereas this is not always the case with open-source software. With the customized newspaper CMS you can have additional Ad Spots which are bigger, clearer and easy to distinguish and manage. You can also take use of various scripts like Google AdSense and other similar revenue generating scripts or widget codes.

7. Easy to Setup: It's very easy to setup and start publishing an online newspaper using a proprietary newspaper software. You just need to get in touch with the sales team and within minutes you can start for free with turnkey newspaper templates. You also get the option to complete the site on a trial domain first and can later transfer all content without losing any content or settings.

8. Flexibility: Proprietary online newspaper software allows for highest level of customization for your news site as compared to open source software as it allows for changes on the website template which is very difficult to manage in an open source news software, only developers can manage such changes and persons with non-expertise often struggle to keep it going and running successfully.

9. New Feature Implementation: If you want a new feature to be implemented which is not currently present in an open source system, you will need to hire dedicated programmers or spend hours with the discussion forums and blog helpzones whereas you can simply achieve this task by emailing the request to the support team and more often than that you will be presented with a customized solution which will help you publish online news site with ease and flexibility. No need to spend thousands of dollars to hire a programmer to develop a news site when a customized product specializing in newspaper layouts is available in the market with the option to start free with all features included.

10. Portability: Proprietary CMS can be accessed from anywhere in the world with internet access and you don't need to download or install anything on your home or office machines. If any client ever wants to leave for any reason, they have the right to all of their data and it can easily be exported out for them to use in another system.

Taking into account all the factors discussed above, it's easy to say that Proprietary newspaper CMS which often come as all-in-one newspaper solution with hosting on dedicated servers are one of the most recommended and easy way to start your news website with minimum fuss and complete peace of mind.