Market is flooded with newspaper websites. Some we forget as soon we close the window and some compel us to return to them. Ever wondered why? What is it that these websites do differently that makes them stand out from the crowd? Is there some way by which we can make our online news site compelling?

We list 5 such ways which, if followed, can help you create a compelling newspaper website?

1. Quality Content: As the saying goes, content is the king. Good news websites invest in their news quality. They work hard to ensure that their content is unique and interesting. One way of doing this by clearly defining your target audience and their interests. Follow this up by developing crisp and to the point articles for your readers. Also, it is important to work on your headlines. Catchy headlines attract readers. Sharing of articles increases when titles are tweetable or social media friendly.

2. SEO Friendly: It is important to understand how search engines work. First, remember search engines don't identify photos. So, ensure that the website is not heavily and unnecessarily burdened with pictures. Second, the article should consist of right keywords. For this, it is important to know the keywords used by people for searching. Also, keywords featuring in the page title, headings, sub-heads and the first paragraph count more than the keywords used at the bottom of the page. That’s because the URL, file and directory names, page title and the headings/sub-heads are more essential for the search engine than the rest of the text on the page.

3. Understand your readers and deliver accordingly: Smart organizations are curious about their target audiences, their interests. They study the trends (how users navigate their website) in order to get a better understanding of their users and then tailor their offerings accordingly. This way they not only attract new visitors but also retain their old customers. Also, the approach helps provide only useful and significant information/news to users, ensuring a clean site.

4. Decongest the website: In a way, it is an extension of the above point. Once you understand the requirements and interests of your users, you need to replace the irrelevant content on the website with a useful one which is appealing to your readers. It is also important as the attention span of a user on online platform is very short. If the user doesn’t get what he wants in the first glance itself, he is likely to move on. Also, create a good balance between visuals and text (aesthetics and the needs of the target audience). This is important not only for SEO but also for making the website appealing and generating positive user experience.

5. User experience: It is the most essential requirement but is hardly given any attention to. Does the website take too long to load, is newspaper template mobile friendly, or are the sliders used on the site irritating the users, etc.? These are questions that should be given due consideration as this is a major factor which determines whether the user will return or not. The reader is likely to revisit if the experience is user driven. It is important to understand and respond to user experience if one has to be ahead of its competition.