Just getting an online newspaper or blog on the web is not enough; you must use these simple strategies to make your online publication attain a good analytics score:

1. Submit Site to Search Engines: It's very important that your site is visible to search engine crawlers for easy reporting. We recommend that after your online publication is ready you submit the sites to major search engine players like google, bing, yahoo, etc. This in turn will ensure that the sites are analyzed by the spiders easily.

2. Quality Content: Genuine and quality content always stands out and can withstand the harsh penalties imposed by the search engine algorithm updates. Never copy and paste content and always respect copyright laws, write unique content which will help in engaging your audience and will drive content related traffic to your website.

3. SEO Friendly URLs: Make sure that your online newspaper CMS can create SEO friendly URL's , with so many articles and links associated with a single online publication it's advised that the individual link for any article or story has it's own content related keyword associated URL.

4. Responsive Design: With the rise in popularity and sales of modern gadgets it goes without saying that your site design should be equipped to accommodate various digital devices like smartphones, tablets with better viewing experience across all platforms.

5. Social Networking: Social Media plays a very important role in running a successful online publication as you can get enormous content oriented traffic from these networks. Make sure you have created your own pages on sites like facebook, twitter, google+, etc.

6. Social Sharing Buttons: Take uses of the share buttons and place them with the articles you post and viewers can also share them on their pages and discuss the stories on your page.

7. Newsletters: Newsletters are very important to stay in touch with your members and keep them updated about the latest. Make sure that your online newspaper software has an inbuilt mechanism to manage and send newsletters from within your Control Panel or dashboard.

8. Contests and Polls: To keep visitors returning to your site introduce some contests and throw in some polls, polls can range from anything like news to sports.

9. Widgets: Feel free to embed widgets on your sites to make it more content rich and diverse, some of the common widget used these days are weather, news widgets, RSS feeds, crosswords, etc.

10. Partnerships: You can consider teaming up with someone within the community to take the online daily a step further. A little bit of planning and hard work can go a long way in making a successful presence on the web.

With so easy to use publishing tools available in today's market a publishers life has become very easy and in turn he or she can use the saved time to ensure that the site is not just published on the web but it should be getting it's fair share of viewership as well.