With the evolution of internet online connectivity has reached billions, readership base has increased so has the popularity of online newspaper sites. Starting an online newspaper is easy and you don't necessarily need to have a print version to support it, online version is the first thing you should focus on before digging into news publishing. You need some determination with the will to work hard and you can easily make a living by publishing an online news site, below are some points which you can consider as a revenue medium from your online newspaper site.

1. Premium Content: Many publishers and editors will tell you "content is the king" and people don't mind shelling out some bucks if they get some real genuine and good content that they can read and enjoy. Sometimes the content can be specific to a certain section or your local community news which is exclusive and trustworthy. You can easily setup a Paywall or restricted access on your online newspaper site; viewers will be able to see the headlines along with the introduction of each story and can subscribe to your site for full access. It's easy to setup secure payment modes so that you can collect the subscription fee easily using payment modes like PayPal.

2. Google Ads: In addition to subscription based revenue you can use paid ad services like Google Ad Sense, Amazon, etc. With a good news template backed with genuine content you can easily expand your viewership base and take full use of these services. It's easy to place these scripts/codes on your site and they also give you the flexibility to place the paid ads anywhere on your site. You get paid when visitors click on these ads, now that definitely sounds good.

3. Newsletters: With the popularity of your newspaper publication, more and more people like to keep abreast about your news site stories. You can easily setup a form where people subscribe to your newsletter and you can directly send them the stories to their email using this feature. Always look for a newspaper CMS which has the capability of sending these newsletters from within the CMS control panel. This feature is very important and care should be taken that you are not spamming anyone and also ensure that your host uses an email service which follows the CAN-SPAM Act guidelines.

4. Events: Community news sites are very popular when it comes to things like Events, Weddings, Engagements, Birthday, Obituaries, etc. Creating such sections on your sites is very easy and you can opt to charge for these services depending upon your site popularity. People want to stay in touch with each other and online news medium is one of the best ways to do so.

5. Sponsored Articles: Online news gazettes often attract sponsors and writers who want to publish their articles on your online newspaper. You can easily create a form attracting such sponsors and explaining the various segments on your online dailies which are available for publishing such paid content. Sponsors can use a form to submit such info and after receiving payments you can simply upload that to the site using the newspaper publishing software.

6. Banner Ads: Based on your readership base you can also use the various ad spots or banners to good effect, you should select a newspaper template which gives you the flexibility to place these banners anywhere without affecting the overall looks of the site. Banners should be clean, neat and easy to read. They can be placed horizontally or vertically depending upon your template design and come with flexible sizes.

7. Mobile Alerts: Smartphones are a craze these days and you can also setup mobile alerts and all the latest news from your site will go to your subscriber's smartphones. Mobiles also help increase readership base and with so many of then you can't afford to be left behind.

8. Donations: Running an online newspaper is affordable and you can always setup donate buttons which of course should go to the cause mentioned. This is not a direct approach to generate revenue but you can always ask for donations when genuinely pursuing a charity and other such similar activities.

9. Coupons: You can encourage local retailers to promote their products or services on the online yellow pages. You can easily create such coupons with the help of newspaper CMS and viewers can print them from your site and redeem at the advertisers store. This is a very popular and convenient way of promoting any local business.

10. Advertising Packages: To encourage advertisers you can offer various advertising packages depending upon the size of the ad spots, duration of the package and prioritizing the ads. Discounts based on billing cycles like monthly, quarterly or annual are also very popular with the readers. By offering such packages advertisers get the flexibility and you get more business opportunities.

Social network and blogging sites are also very popular these days and you need to have the business page on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. This also helps in building a readership base which lands upon your site using such networking and micro blogging sites. No matter what your strategy is for running successful and money earning online news daily but always remember that only genuine content will help you survive in this competitive market.