With the availability of easy to use newspaper CMS, publishing an online daily has never been so hassle free, but to run an online newspaper successfully we must also take into account below factors which will help us generate revenue from a site by placing banner ads and implementing other similar techniques to the newspaper templates:

1. Standard Banner Sizes: Banners can come in various sizes and pixels depending on your site layout, here are some standard dimensions of banner ads which you can place in various columns of your news site:

Square 250x250 pixels
Rectangle 180x150 pixels
Medium Rectangle   300x250 pixels
Half Page 300x600 pixels
Skyscraper 120x600 pixels
Full Banner   468x60 pixels
Half Banner   234x60 pixels
Leaderboard   728x90 pixels

2. Click-through Rates: CTR is like ratio of how many people really click on your ad upon seeing it, it's very important that you track the performance of your ads and can use Google Analytics to get clicks and Impressions for each banner ad on your site. Techcruiser offers an inbuilt mechanism that displays Clicks and Impressions info of each ad on your newspaper template.

3. Ad Rotation: In this form the ads rotate in random order on every page visit, it gives advertisers a chance for each ad to get displayed at the top position. Techcruiser has the flexibility of displaying ads in both fixed and random order.

4. Section Relevant Ad Display: If you have too many ads on your site or if the advertiser is interested in displaying ads in specific section this feature comes into play, Techcruiser offers you this ability to restrict ads in certain sections so only associated relevant ads are displayed in a particular newspaper section.

5. Popup, Sticky, Peeler Ads: Publishers should avoid use of too many popup, sticky or peeler ads on your news sites as they reduce reader-friendliness of your site. Also, excessive use of flash ads or 3rd party widgets is not recommended as they result in slow loading of your web page.

6. Banner Image Formats: Resolution and file formats for images used over the internet need to be much smaller than for print edition images so that they can load quickly. Optimum image resolution for the web is 72 ppi or dpi (pixels/dots per inch).The three main file formats used are JPG (JPEG), PNG and Gif.

7. Ad Scheduling: You can set the start or end date for your ads. Techcruiser's Ad mechanism automatically enables/disables ad display according to ad's scheduling. This is an automated process and you can input these values at the time of ad upload.

8. Mobile Ads: Considering increase in use of smart phones these days, you should have responsive mobile site design and you can display standard sized ads on the mobile devices at the bottom of page. Make sure your newspaper software has this feature for a seamless integration with various device types.

9. Premium Ad Spots: You can create premium ad spot at the top of left and right side bars of your site or to the left/right of your logo. This way you can charge more from potential advertisers by giving premium ad spots to them. There is no fixed rule for Ad placement and you can always use your creativity to accommodate more advertisements at strategic news sections.

10. Frequency Discounts: You can offer frequency discounts to the advertisers to run more linage to obtain the extra discount. The billing period can be set from daily to yearly with added benefits to lure in maximum advertisers.

Starting and running an online newspaper might seem easy but care should be taken about the content that you upload and also the nature of the ads that advertisers are putting up on your sites. Make sure you verify each and every ad manually before uploading any such banners on your site. Keeping in mind the above points you can easily go ahead and start uploading various banners and advertisements on your online newspaper and generate revenue instantly.